9 Easy To Follow Tips On How To Become A Better Writer

Do you always find yourself writing with an eraser close by?  How many times do you press the backspace key mid-sentence?  Do not worry, you are not alone.  As most respectable writers might let you know, writing is not easy.  Yet again, it is not hard.  Superb writing is an art that takes commitment to master.  There are a few tidbits you can follow to polish your writing skills.


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1.  Jotting down your ideas

All writing springs from ideas.  For a committed writer, a notebook should be a priority.  You can draw inspiration from anything that interests you.  Because our minds are wired to forget, please write down those ideas as they come.  This is the easiest way to fighting off a blank mind when the drive to start writing hits you.


2.  Planning on what to write

Good writing just like any other serious venture requires concrete planning.  As such even before writing it is prudent to lay down plans on what to write.  The plan should be your guideline on the topic, the style and the number of words to use as well as the time you will take.  Only with a strategy at hand should you sit behind your keyboard to start writing.

3.  Rough drafting

Most novice writers suffer from trying to write a clean copy at the first go.  Experienced writers will tell you that this is almost impossible.  Why?  Because our brains create more and more ideas as we go by.  The easiest way to jump this hurdle is to do a dirty job at first then correct it.  Thus, you will not only correct the current job but also learn from your shortcomings.

4.  Setting your environment

Writing just like yoga is well achieved in a comfy and quiet environment.  More than that as a writer you need to know what else works for you.  At what time are you able to write well?  In which sitting position?  These are just some of the questions that define the setting within which a writer’s comfort is achieved.  In essence be comfortable enough to let the words flow.

5.  Writing for the audience

padLearning how to become a better writer entails knowing your audience.  Whether you are writing an academic article, a blog or content page, you need to appeal to your audience’s emotions.  Tailor your writing to the requirements of those who will be reading it.  As a rule of thumb, always avoid the use of jargon and expletives unless required.

6.  Sticking to the point

Keeping your readers glued to your words can be hard.  For that reason, some writers choose to sneak a few funny, but unrelated ideas to break the ice.  As much as this might work in some cases, it is an approach best avoided.  Try to stick to the point and be as informative and captivating as possible without diverging.

7.  Read and read more

The art of writing is best determined by what and how much you read.  To keep yourself abreast with the latest in writing read a lot.  Read novels, read religious texts, read blogs.  Read practically everything.  While at it make an attempt of grasping the various styles of writing.  To heighten your skills even further, subscribe to nicely written blogs and article post sites such as Huffington.

8.  Write like you never did

The greatest secret on how to become a better writer is a constant practice.  Through repetitive action, you will get wired on how to write like a pro.  Apart from writing well, you will also be able to proofread your own work easily.  Therefore set a weekly target of articles to write.  It does not matter if your work never sees the light of day.  It is ok to write, stash then correct and admire later.

9.  Proofreading

It is never perfect until it is perfect.  One key skill amongst writers is learning to correct their own work.  Start learning on grammar as well as punctuation corrections.  More than that always welcome the second eye to correct any work that you consider worth publishing.  As a writer, you are likely to overlook some of the little mistakes which a second eye will notice very fast.  Otherwise, success in your quest to becoming a better writer.

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