Tips For Fiction Writing

Fiction Writing Tips

If you are a crazy Shakespeare fan, or you dream of writing a better novel than Romeo and Juliet, this is the right place for you.  This article provides a detailed understanding of what fiction writing is and how you can develop your expertise in it.  Not everyone can be a good fiction writer.  You need to have the right attitude and perspective to do this.  It is a form of art which needs time and hard work to develop.  There are many people who write stories, but not everyone leaves a mark in this field.  This is because of the lack of knowledge and guidance about writing.

Here are the most important tips to improve your content:


The first step towards novel writing is patience.  Do not hurry up with the ideas.  Take your time and think deeply.  Great ideas do not come with impatience.  Let your imagination do its work.  Think about all the good and bad aspects of your story line.  You might not get the best of ideas within minutes, but when you let your thoughts wander, you do get results.


Secondly, maintain the sequence of ideas and events in your story.  Keep thinking and as soon as you come up with an idea, write it down.  Write down all the ideas first and then give them a sequence.  This is a very important factor in writing.  The events should make sense and not be vague.  Also, develop each idea in detail and according to the demand of the story.  Irrelevant or unnecessary information is not needed.

Enthusiastic Beginning

This is something which will make your reader stick to the novel.  The first few lines and scenes of a story should be the most appealing and eye-catching.  They should be so interesting that a person has no choice but to read further.  It can be anything.  You can ask a question, create a suspense-oriented scene or show distress or anxiety.  Many famous novels start with a particular scene and then take a flashback to show the background of that scene.  This is a nice way to make the readers enthusiastic about your writing.  Another technique can be to start with some action or argument.  This will also catch the reader’s attention.

Strong Characters

fictional charactersComing to the most significant factor, the characters need to be strong, entertaining and such that readers should be able to relate to them.  The best thing about any novel is its characters.  People remember Romeo and Juliet as the most passionate lovers, Harry Potter as an exploring young boy, Matilda as a small innocent girl and Mr.  Bean as the funniest guy in the town.  This is all due to the powerful characters.  The stories might be forgotten, but the characters always leave a mark on people’s minds.  Therefore it’s highly important that the characters of your novel are beautiful, emotional and worth being remembered.


No matter what kind of a story you are writing, make sure that you add a little bit of comedy in it.  Even if it is a sad dramatic novel, add a few ounces of comedy to it.  This makes the writing much more interesting and entertaining.  You can either add a comic character or a few funny dialogues.  Humor makes everything far more attractive.

These were a few tips to make your writing better and more appealing to the readers.  Try to cope with people’s emotions through your words.  Keep following these tips with determination and one day, your words will weave magic!  If you have any questions or comments, please contact us today.

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