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Tips For Easy Writing Gigs

An article is a written communication on a particular subject or theme.  Let us think why do we read something? The answer is very simple -For information and for entertainment.  If you are capable of providing these to your readers you become successful article writer.  Hence the most important qualities or aspects of an article are

  • Lucidity
  • Specific information
  • An appealing style.


It is very easy to master the art of good article writing if you are aware of these writing process for easy article writing gigs.

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Know Your Reader

The writing process of articles involves knowledge of the readership.  I do not ask you to know his biography but his likes and dislikes and his level of knowledge.  These are very easy to judge and are commonplace facts.  It is obvious that an article written for teenage readers needs to be easier to read than the one written for business tycoons.  Similarly, an article on soccer will attract the sports enthusiasts and an article on literary criticism will be useful for a scholar of literature.  Hence if you know for whom you are writing beforehand it becomes easier to create content.  You can draw attention and engage your readers through an article that deals with their issues.  Your content and language are decided by those you are writing for.

Gather Knowledge About The Subject

Knowledge is power and people read your article to gain knowledge.  Through an article, you pass on this power to others.  Hence you must gather specific knowledge about the subject or issue you are writing on, from as many sources as possible.  You must have that specific knowledge that will benefit your reader and will enrich his knowledge.  Even if you write a lengthy article your reader will not labor to read it if the information is not new and specific and interesting.


Lucidity means clarity of expression.  Your article becomes lucid by the proper structuring, arrangement of ideas and proper use of language.  It is a good idea to use subheadings throughout your article.  These subheadings make it easier for the reader to grasp the content easily.  Start your article with an introduction to the subject in the very beginning.  The introduction should be lucrative and should attract the reader.  Hence do not start your article with commonplace ideas.  Bring something interesting and new.  Then develop your ideas- give technical and specific information.  Do not cram your article with all that you know but do not miss those that are useful for your reader.  This development of idea must be coherent and should be explained well.  And finally, sum it up.  While summing up it is best to provide the reader with a new idea that will make him think.  This is it and this you can do in your mind before writing your article.  This structure is very important as it makes your article easily understandable and hence holds the attention of your reader.  As you are writing this article please notice how the structure introduction- development and summing up has been applied.  Now You must have basic knowledge of the language you are writing in – grammar, sentence structures and usage of words so that you could say what you want to say properly.

Finally practice, practice, and practice.  It brings perfection.   We look forward to chatting with you further, so please contact us today.


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