How To Be A Good Blogger- Tips on Being Successful In Blogging

The Art of Blogging

Ever look at the top bloggers online and wonder how it is that they are so successful?

How is it that they managed to attract millions of followers to their work day in day out? Starting a blog is quite easy but becoming a successful blogger, on the other hand, requires work.  In fact, one can go as far as saying blogging is a mix of art and science- it is the art of writing but has the systematic approach in organizing knowledge and thoughts.  If you ever asked yourself what it takes to become a successful blogger, here are a few tips to employ in your own blog.

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Find Your Niche

While writing is fun, writing about everything is not what blogging is about.  It may be fun and easy for you to write about all the thoughts that come to your mind, but for the reader, it will be exhausting and chaotic to keep up.  The first thing you need to do with your blog is to find a niche- a specific but profitable topic.  Narrow down your blog’s focus to something the reader can relate to consistently, be it finance, sports, politics or even health and lifestyle.  The aim is to find a hole or gap in the market and ensure that your blog fills that gap.


Consistency.  Consistency.  Consistency

Be consistent with your writing.  Work on it day and night if you have to but if your followers expect an article every Friday morning, then make sure that when they wake up they find an article every Friday morning.  This gives them something to expect, something to look forward to and will cement the habit of them coming back every week to read your work.  It isn’t just consistency in posting though, but also in your writing.  Strive to always have good writing and content.  The reader not only enjoys something informative but also something that is well written.  Strive to have your writing grow constantly.

Engage Your Existing Readers

blogging They say better a bird in hand than two in the bushes.  This rings true in blogging also.  The mistake amateur bloggers make is that they are so busy trying to market themselves looking for new readers at the expense of the already existing readers.  In most cases, the current readers will market you better than you can market yourself.  It’s not that I’m saying don’t try and find new readers, just that even when you are, take the time to show the current readers that you value them.


This is also a great way to know what your audience wants.  The more you reply to their comments and engage them, the more you get to know them and the questions that they have.  Remember, you are writing to fill a void and the audience will help you know where that void is.


Be Willing and Ready To Learn

If you weren’t willing to learn you wouldn’t be here reading this.  That is a good sign.  But even if you achieve your initial success on your goals do not neglect your pursuit of knowledge.  The world keeps on growing and changing and you should endeavor to grow with it.  Seek out new material constantly.  Read more.  This way you will be able to keep up with what’s out there to the benefit of your readers.

Now that you know this, venture out and start building yourself.  Do not be afraid of making mistakes, we all do.  But learn from them and grow.  Good luck!

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