Different Types Of Writing Styles And What They Say About An Author

Writing Styles

There are different types of writing styles that currently exist and are being widely used all over the world by different authors. The author will choose a given style for their writing depending on the kind of message they want to pass across. This will also depend on the circumstances in the author will be writing under. The message that is being passed across also influences the type of style that will be used. There are certain messages that can only be expressed very well when a certain type of style is used. Have you ever wondered why certain books are written using a certain format and not the other?


The following are the different styles of writing that have been used in the past and which are still being used up to date:

The Expository Writing

This is a style that mainly focuses on giving explanations about a given thing, person or event. Here, the author will usually concentrate on the subject of the matter where they will give you the relevant facts about a given topic without giving personal views on the subject

The author of this type of writing is normally loaded with information about everything that is being written. This is the most common style of writing that has been used widely in textbooks and also in the articles on how-to.

Descriptive Writing 

As the name suggests, this kind of writing mainly deals with the description part. The author will mainly be focusing on describing things like a certain character, a particular event, or a given place in details. This style is usually utilized by those people have specialized their writings in doing poet, where the writer will bring into your vision what they see, taste, hears, smell and feel about the whole thing.

You can mainly use this style when doing poet, in journal writing, nature writing and even describing passages in fiction. This style suggests that the author wants to walk with you all the way through their journey of writing.

Persuasive Writing

This is mainly meant to bring conviction to the audience. The author here gives full views and opinions in the write-up which makes it more biased. There are a lot of reasons and justifications that are brought up with the aim of convincing the reader to agree with the author’s point of view.

This is majorly used in newspaper opinion, editorial pieces, complaint letters, advertisements or commercial, affiliate marketing and even cover letters. This kind of author is one who is full of reasons, arguments, and justifications and they will try and use their facts to try and have you see things their way.


Narrative Writing

Have you ever been told or read an interesting story? The kind of writing that was used here is narrative. Using his/her creativity, the author will create different characters and tell people what is going to happen to them using the first person narration sometimes.

Some of the writings that can fall in this category are short stories, biographies, poetry, novels and even novellas. This style shows that the writer is eager to answer the question of what happened next.

In conclusion, every author must understand each of these styles so that whatever they write should be what the audience wants to read.

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